Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Monkees

Back in 1967 I thought The Monkees were great!
I hated the TV programme, it was a bit silly, but just loved the music.
The first record I ever bought was 'I'm a Believer'. The later records like 'Daydream Believer', 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' and 'Alternate Title' were just lovely songs! I learned all the words and sang along with them, particularly 'Alternate Title'. Most of these songs went to number one or two in the charts and I remember Alan Freeman playing them. We didn't have a tape recorder at that time, but my mate Keith Taylor had one and we would sit in his bedroom recording the charts back in Summer '67!
I spent a whole day with Joyce who lived next door to my Uncle Bill one Sunday. She was a Monkees fanatic! We listened to all her albums and she new everything about them (A bit like Take That!) Where are you now Joyce?
I collected all the Monkees cards back in 1967, I think there were 44 of them, with black and white photos on one side from the TV series and part of a bigger colour picture on the other side. It took me a while and chewed a lot of bubble gum, but I finally collected two sets of cards. One I kept for the photos and the other I stuck together to make the big colour photo and pinned it to my bedroom wall!
Why am I bringing all this up?
After all you could be laughed at being a Monkees fan, they were the original 'Boy Band' put together by a record company to compete with The Beatles. They couldn't play (or sing) but through sheer hard work and determination they made records that are timeless! I bought The Definitive Monkees' CD not long ago and tonight I played it and still love it!
Now digitally re-mastered!
Don't knock it...some classic songs!

One song called 'This just doesn't seem to be my day' really touched a nerve, but it is not on the compilation CD!

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