Friday, May 07, 2010

Election 2010?

In this digital age yesterdays General Election seems like a big cock-up!! (Not just you Gordon)
Voting in old wooden polling booths, paper ballot forms, black pencils, thousands of people manually counting papers in hundreds of sports centres and town halls. Black Ballot boxes paintakingly humped around to be securely opened and emptied...dare I go on?
How about hundreds of people unable to vote because of hold ups at polling stations and running out of ballot forms...are we really in 2010...the digital age?
Come it not time that we are able to vote from home on our laptops or mobile phones? What is the problem? Libraries and schools have full internet access and broadband wireless links via mobile phone networks are available from most of the country.
Voting finishes at 10.00pm...Results at 10.05pm...New Government 10.15pm
I'm sure that we piloted a computerised voting system in the last general election, what happened to it?
We need to get real vote digital!!