Friday, March 15, 2013

Yaesu FT817 stand

Now here is nifty little trick for anyone who has a Yaesu FT817 or other portable transciever. Last week I went into 'Poundworld' and spotted a fully adjustable folding stand for an iPad or tablet, so I bought one to support my Tab 2 tablet. Then I realised that this little stand fold up in different ways and is ideal for my Yeasu FT817. Great for a quid! 

Now I need another one for my Tab 2...

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Carry on blogging!

Last week I spent an afternoon at Heathfield Primary School where the children could showcase their blogs. At my school I introduced blogs about six years ago and we were a kind pioneer in using blogs in the classroom. At the time we used Blogger to set up some class blogs. The children loved it, but often didn't get the opportunity to blog independently. Later, the school's firewalls wouldn't let blogger through and things came to an abrupt end. Meanwhile, at Heathfield Primary School, David Mitchell who was Deputy Head at the time realised the impact of children blogging and the positive effect it has on their writing ability.

My school have also been blogging, this time using Wordpress, which, I must admit, is harder and not as user friendly as Blogger. Now all our classes have blogs and are using them.

Tonight I downloaded an app called Classdroid on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, this allows you to take a photo of a piece of work, grade it and upload it onto the class blog - amazing!

I also learned more about QR Codes and Tabs when using blogs.