Saturday, April 28, 2007

Digital Overload!!

Yesterday, I had a new loan car delivered while my Ford Focus was being repaired. (having been bumped by a truck from behind!) A 2L Ford Mondeo with just about every digital gadget in the world fitted!
Took me a whole day to work out how to use the radio, the SATNAV is asking for a CD, the heater and cooler has a digital readout making it difficult to balance the two. It even tells you how many miles are left of fuel! Switches all over the place...Melissa had a play and it took me ages to try to restore the car back to normal. I was driving along with a kind of 'heat haze' on the windscreen making it difficult to see, I realised that Melissa had turned on the front windscreen heater!
Gosh...I remember the days when your new car never actually had a radio fitted or even a carpet!
The times I spent on my hands and knees fitting an 'AJAX' car radio and speakers, drilling holes in the wing for the aerial and cutting carpet to make it fit in a brand new Ford Escort!

Times have changed!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Here she is...'M' ...the Digital Kid!

Today is her 3rd Birthday and Easter Sunday, An Easter Digital Kid! Melissa never ceases to amaze, she picks things up so quickly. For her birthday Mum bought her a Karaoke Machine, complete with microphone and buttons to play songs. Well, you can imagine how quickly she learned how to operate this digital problem!
Last week she took photos using my new Canon EOS 350, scared me to death letting her hold my precious camera, but she took her photos and gave the camera back to me...phew!!

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lifetime Licence!

I received my Lifetime Licence from OFCOM the other day. That means that I don't pay for my Amateur Radio Licence any more! Well, 15 pounds is what I have payed for the last 30 years, which is not bad really. It means that (at last!!) my Callsign is mine and nobody can have it until i'm gone!

Super! I now want my Callsign as my Car Registration....trouble has a 'Q' which is not allowed!