Saturday, April 28, 2007

Digital Overload!!

Yesterday, I had a new loan car delivered while my Ford Focus was being repaired. (having been bumped by a truck from behind!) A 2L Ford Mondeo with just about every digital gadget in the world fitted!
Took me a whole day to work out how to use the radio, the SATNAV is asking for a CD, the heater and cooler has a digital readout making it difficult to balance the two. It even tells you how many miles are left of fuel! Switches all over the place...Melissa had a play and it took me ages to try to restore the car back to normal. I was driving along with a kind of 'heat haze' on the windscreen making it difficult to see, I realised that Melissa had turned on the front windscreen heater!
Gosh...I remember the days when your new car never actually had a radio fitted or even a carpet!
The times I spent on my hands and knees fitting an 'AJAX' car radio and speakers, drilling holes in the wing for the aerial and cutting carpet to make it fit in a brand new Ford Escort!

Times have changed!

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