Friday, June 15, 2007

Creative Anachronism

The Decca CTV22 a Creative Anachronism from the early 1970's

Today I recieved my weekly newsletter that keeps me up to date with digital technology in education. Here is an interesing bit that made me think...

"Due to both the lack of creativity in most of the technically inclined and refinements in plastic forming and mass production, the home computer was denied what I feel to be the proudest time in the life of any technological device.
It was robbed of the fleeting, wonderful period right after invention, where it is celebrated and honoured by the finest craftsman and creative minds, and given a structure befitting its potential and greatness.
It was essentially denied a "novelty period".
When the steam train roared into history, hissing smoke and howling into the night, it was an awesome beast, adorned in the finest woods, ivory, gold, and intricate inlays, like some Serpent King on a sacred tapestry. The automobiles of the 20's to 60's, each was a work of art.
The television and radio affected the world in more ways that can be imagined, changing the entire dynamic of human social structure and communication. They were both appropriately gifted with the most lavish of hand tooled, wooden scrolled cabinetry, housings which borrowed architectural details from the grandest schools, churches and banks.
Sadly, the personal computer, which has impacted the world more profoundly than probably all of the previously mentioned inventions put together, never received the same kind treatment. It went from a buzzing beige cube, to a buzzing white one, to the garish space-eggs you see nowadays."
In other words...You can have it any colour you like as long as it's grey!

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