Saturday, June 30, 2007

Maplin Modem

Maplin 300 baud modem - the same one as mine but mine was in a similar home built case. I don't have a photo of this but I did make a video of Jacquie (age 5) playing on my Sinclair Spectrum with the modem next to it.
I bought this as a kit from Maplin and built it up along with a serial RS232 interface with a UART for the Spectrum. A dial-up programme and a couple of micro relays allowed auto dialling on the old telephone system before tone dialling. With the modem I could access the Open University's computers which allowed me to complete my assignments on-line, bulletin boards and the 300bps Prestel system. This was the internet in it's infancy!
I can't remember what happened to the modem...I think I sold it at a rally or bring and buy stall. A neat bit of kit at the time!

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