Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Digital Soccer

Tonight I watched England beat Germany 2:1 in Berlin on television. A super match with a great England team!
Everytime England play Germany I think back to July 1966, just before my 12th birthday when England won the World Cup.
That afternoon the world stopped!
Our whole family sat in front of a 19" Black and White Television on 405 lines watching a low definition picture. We were glued to it! No distractions, just good commentary and focus on the game. I pinched a Union Jack from the rummage sale at school (thinking it was a pair of shorts because I didn't have any for football) and nailed to a stick. I sat in front of the TV with it by my side. I remember charging down the street to my friend Pauls house waving the flag and chanting in the street!
Well tonight the game was great, but why do we have to have constant digital moving adverts flashed before our eyes? I found it difficult to concentrate on the game and my eyes constantly being drawn to to the digital technology in our midst. The commentary on ITV is awful, too much information, I don't want to know all the statistics and constant distracting 'blurb' I just want to know who is kicking the ball!

With so much digital 'light pollution' from adverts around the ground the players must be distracted themselves when playing imortant games. Technology gone mad!

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