Friday, August 01, 2008

Torchy - The Battery Boy

Was this the starting point? Was this my first inspiration? I was only 4 years old, my mum and dad had just got a television and I lived in a flat in Draycott Street. I still went to bed with my 'dummy' and I loved TORCHY! It was electric!

This is extreme nostalgia!

I have always remembered the words of the Torchy Song, but until tonight (50 years later) I have never seen him! I watched the first episode on YouTube and the strangest thing happened...I could remember the words spoken by the characters and almost knew what was coming next!

Another Gerry Anderson Classic, he harnessed the technology at the time.

'Four Feather Falls' was another one that I used to watch, but I can't remember 'Twizzle'
Some great links here:
Was Torchy really that scary?
I read somewhere that he was the model for 'Chucky' We were so innocent in those days, you never noticed the strings on the puppets and there was nothing at all wrong with a 'toy boy' or 'bossy boots' or a drunken Irishman that played with little children in his garden!

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