Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Verve

After ten years The Verve have made a comeback. I watched in awe at their performance at Glastonbury this year. It was incredible! Tonight I watched in awe again at the Radio 1 studio performance. Richard Ashcroft and the guys have matured but at the same time got better.

Back in 1998 The Verve and Richard Ashcroft wrenched some of my feelings and put them into words, yet soothed me through the awful times of the infamous OFSTED inspection. I sat in my loft room writing my lesson plans while listening to 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' and the rest of that classic album 'Urban Hymns'.

Tonight I cried when I listened to 'Lucky Man' and 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'. When Verve performed at Glastonbury I cried at the same songs...they are so powerful!!

The video of Bitter Sweet Symphony is so simple, but its my favourite ... it depicts life in such a vivid yet subtle way.

Rock on Richard..older but wiser!

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