Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Digital London Bus?

The closing ceremony of the Bejiing Olympics was awesome!
Our 2008 Team GB were fantastic - 19 Gold Medals, 4th Place!
London 2012 coming up!

Handover to London...
Well what can I say...a red London Bus? Come on?
Jimmy Page playing 'Whole Lotta Love' from 1969?
Leona Lewis in a Spanish Flamingo Dress?
Boris on a 60's trip?
Was Cliff Richard driving it?
Come on GB, look to the future if we have one! The athletes have done their stuff, how about the rest of us?
By 2012 China will leave us in the dark ages, look at the digital technology used during the games, everything from digital satellite links to digital fireworks. While we still ride around London in big red buses China control the digital technology. They have a stranglehold of digital technology production and export to our country. They buy up our scrap metal and things that we don't want and produce goods that we buy!

It's time GB woke up, if we fall out with China and Russia turns the gas off, we can't afford London 2012!

Will the last person that leaves Britain please turn the lights off!

Why do we rely so much on other countries for technology, we have the brains but not the brawn!

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