Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steve Zodiac - Analogue Puppet!

I remember watching one of the first episodes of Fireball XL5 in black and white back in the 1960s. Steve Zodiac and Dr Venus were visiting a strange planet and making their way through some spooky caves on their jetmobiles. Venus was attacked and fell from her jetmobile ... blood...blood on her head ... what would Steve Zodiac do?
I was about 7 years old at the time and it scared me!
Steve Zodiac, Venus, Mathew (Matt) Matic, Robert the Robert (On our way home!!) and that strange creature Zoonie.
The series was way ahead of its time, imagine if they made the series again using digital technology?
They remade THUNDERBIRDS using real life characters and changed the look of the crafts .. it was awful!
Let's remake FIREBALL XL5 using computer animations similar to Shrek or Ice Age

Some great Fireball XL5 websites and images:

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