Sunday, March 09, 2014


Gosh, this brings back memories from the 90's Oscars was downstairs in the Wellsprings building (now a gym) We went their almost every Saturday for a coffee and a bite to eat watching MTV and The Corrs on the TV screens. We sometimes went to watch  group during the week. I remember wathing 'Stax of Soul' they were really good! We also watched another group that were excellent and we booked them at the Pack Horse Hotel for a charity event organised by my friends Kate and Graham. I did the disco and remember the HUGE mixer and speakers. The guy on the mixer gave me a jack lead to plug into the disco which fed directly to the 2 Kw audio system and speakers! Awesome!!

We also did another event at Hawthornes on Spa Rd. It was a Caisson Music and there was a Caisson group and played Caisson music. I went with Kath to event which was around Christmas. Hawthornes was really nice, they put on a Caission food and we danced in Cassion style. This was in 1994, I can remember this because a few days later I ended up in hospital with Carbon Monoxide poisoning!

It is a shame that Oscars shut down, it was a really nice olace to go to when we were out shopping.

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