Sunday, March 23, 2014

Deane Grammar School

In April 1970 I moved to my new school, Deane Grammar School! I only had a term to complete my GCE's. The crazy thing was that Deane had a completely different uniform it was blue instead of Maroon. The Headmaster, Mr Atkinson insisted that everyone had the correct uniform, so had uniform inspections. During the exam period we only had to in for the exams, so it was pointless my mother buying a new uniform. Finally, after an assembly one day in June they had a uniform inspection, so my form got together and decided not to come in again apart from exams and that is what we did. A sad end really to my time at school. I missed some of my teachers Mr Eccles, (Spanish), Mr Worthington (Chemistry), Mr Worthington (English), Mr Bristow (Physics), Mr Fray (Metalwork) even Miss Barber!

This photo was taken after I left Deane, but some of my teachers are on the photo. 

I had some great fun with Mr Bristow in Physics. I started a Radio Club and at lunch times we came into the Physics lab to build stuff. I was building and oscilloscope (which I never finished) and brought some of my radio stuff in from home to solder. I remember one day playing with a green night viewer where we connected 800 volts onto it to make it work! Fun days!

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