Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hayward Bilateral School

This is the only photo I have seen of my old school. It later became Bolton South Sixth Form College and both my children went there when they left school. lots of memories in the photo. The Sun Lounge on the ground floor where the entrance is, the Library on the top floor and Staff room on the first floor.
I remember playing 'knife stretch' on the lawn in front and getting caught and made to write an essay called 'Those who live by the sword will die by the sword'. I cycled to school sometimes (I can't believe I did that!) I left my bike on the right of the building where they had concrete blocks with groves to sit the wheel. On the left was the Tech Drawing Room (bottom), Miss Barber's English room (1st floor) and the Art room where this horrible woman teacher slapped me across the face for nothing at all! My form rooms where on the other side of the building. 

This photo is the other side of the building! Taken in the 1980's I only know one or two of the teachers. I can see Mr James and Mr Earp. I can see my first Form Room (B12) at the front on the first floor and B17 which is the top floor at the back. That was my Form Room for two years and also my Maths room.
In my 5th Year we moved to Deane Grammar School, there I took my GCE's. A crazy time, we had to walk between Hayward and Deane for different lessons because Deane was not finished.

A nice photo of Hayward Base in 1968, I am probably on this photo somewhere! 'B' Block is on the left along with the playground where we played football every dinner time.

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Ken Moore said...

I was at Hayward Bilateral School from Sept 1962 until Easter 1966. I was always in the E form. In the staff photograph I only recognize Mr Earp. Ken Moore (