Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Radio Communication Handbook

Gosh! I have wanted one of these for years, when I finally decided to get one for Christmas the other year it had gone out of print. Now I got one for this years Christmas present!

I have the older editions (two volumes) along with the VHF / UHF manual. They are excellent publications, but the projects in them are outdated. The latest edition is thoroughly up to date with the latest technology both digital and analogue. It has a nice balance, with some specialised projects using valves. The principles are still the same and it takes you back to basics. With all the digital technology in the world, you can't change the formulae of Ohm's Law, Resonant Circuits and Antenna principles. There are also a lot of useful and updated charts and graphs to explain things like radiation patterns and circuits.

I will always treasure this publication, certainly worth the £30!

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Anonymous said...

I liked your review of the latest RSGB Handbook.
Also would dearly like one but not at $110AUD +p&p here in Oz. The RSGB will not post overseas, unfortunately.
Enjoy it, I also have several of the older ones.