Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pye Bootmount Cambridge

About the same time as using the Pye Ranger on 70Mhz, I also had a mobile set up for 144Mhz. This consisted of a Pye Bootmount Cambridge complete with cables and A35 van to put it in. This was my first car! Originally the small dashmount control unit was mounted at the front and the main unit was on the floor in the back of the van. There were 6 crystal controlled channels and I used a home made 1/4 wave mag mount on 2m. (The magnet came from an old tv focus unit) At first I used it on AM, but later I fitted an FM discriminator (TBA120a) and modified the RF circuit to transmit in FM.

Later, I took the bold step of making the bootmount into a dashmount and building a front panel with all it's controls fitted to the side of the main unit. I then designed and built my fist ever digital LED digital readout that displayed the channel number (R6, S20, S21 etc...) It used a huge matrix of 1N914 diodes. It worked really well!

I used this set up for a while until I eventually bought a Sommercamp FM mobile at a rally. I still can't remember what I did with this Pye Bootmount Cambridge, I know that I also had a dashmout Pye Cambridge later. I think I must have taken it to a bring and buy stall at a rally.

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