Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pye 70Mhz Ranger

After my last post I got to think about the old Pye Ranger that I used for a while to get me onto 70Mhz. I borrowed the rig from Neil G3ZPL, who used it himself for a while. This was a mean rig with a QQVO-320 valve in the final giving about 15 watts output. Although I called it a Pye Ranger, I don't think it actually had a name at that time.

Production life: 1949 - 1956

Standard frequency range: PTC114, 60 - 100 MHz,

Transmitter RF output: 10 -15 Watts AM

Primary model variants: 6, 12 or 24 Volt dc operation,

1 or 2 channel operation, PTC114Z-115Z later version using QQV03/20A PA valve.

I can't remember how I powered this rig, I think I must have wired this to a high voltage power supply. I remember using this AM rig to work cross-band with Neil G3ZPL.

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