Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hayley Mills

When I was 7 years old I went to the cinema to watch 'In Search of the Castaways' I thought it was amazing. I loved Hayley Mills! My Uncle Eric bought me a book for my birthday called 'In Search of the Castaways' with lots of glossy photos of Hayley Mills. Later I remember watching on television 'Whistle Down the Wind' with Hayley and the guy who made her think that he was Jesus. The film was made near to Clitheroe and one of the children in the film was a friend of my wife Kathleen. In 1967 they made the film called 'The Family Way' which was all filmed in Bolton and about Bolton people. Hayley was in Bolton and also her Dad John Mills! Amazing! I remember the launch of the film at the Capital cinema on Churchgate. This film is everything I remember about life in Bolton...especially the tin bath when Hayley stands up in front of the fire! A wonderful film!

I never understood why Hayley married that old bloke, one of the Boulting brothers. She made quite a diverse number of films, from the early child film star to the rebel in another film that I remember very clearly, but can't find it again...I have never seen it on television again. I really like 'Parent Trap' very clever filming of Hayley playing both of the twins and much better than the new version. I'm not sure about 'Pollyanna' maybe that is because she spoke with an American accent and it kind of didn't match with a Bolton accent when she did Family Way.

The photo above is so strange, nothing has changed apart the fountains that has moved. I can still stand at the same place that Hayley and John Mills stands and the background wouldn't look any different.

Do you notice the technology in this photo? Microphones on trucks...all analogue...not a digit in sight!

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