Sunday, August 28, 2011

1963 net

Many years ago when I first started with amateur radio I would get up early and go into my cold shed to listen to the Sunday morning 'nets' on Topband (160m) In those days we used AM (Amplitude Modulation) to talk to each other. I would listen to the Bury club net with G3VVQ, G3RSM, G3UGC and others. Also G3JJM would be around and G3XCI along with lots of others. I would also listen to the RSGB news as well!

This last few weeks I have not got up early, but have switched on my FT817 to AM and listened to the 1963 net (1.963Mhz) It is amazing to hear some of my heros from the past back on Topband AM. Last week I listened to Gerry Openshaw G2BQO (The local GPO inspector from years ago) Today I listened to John G3EGC who I have not heard on the radio for over 30 years! When I was 14 years old I went to visit his shack along with Peter Holt, he showed me the array of home made equipment that he made...a real inspiration for myself and also Chris Price G4AGJ. I listened in awe this morning, these guys are still giving inspiration after all these years. One day I will join in on the 1963 net, but it is more fun to just listen and think back to the old times of the days when Topband AM ruled. I built three transmitters for Topband, my first one before I got my licence that had a few problems. The second was a rebuild which worked fine, and the third was a dual band 160m / 80m SSB Transciever with an EL84 valve in the final. This also used the Plessey SL600 system. I don't know why I took these rigs apart, I would treasure them today and still use them!

Last week I went up to Matchmoor Lane on the side of Winter Hill with my FT817 to listen and work some stations on the 50Mhz contest. When I got there I met Keith G8HXE who was parked on top of the hill with an FT817 like mine!

Its like they say...golfers don't get old they just lose their balls!

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Fred Burnett said...

Wow, this brought back memories! I had a home built top band rig powered by a rotary converter in the boot, and a Minimitter top band whip mounted on the back bumper. A switch on the dashboard applied the 12v and the comforting sound of a whine from the back end told me all was well. Those were the days. Nowadays occasionally active on 2m mobile when visiting, or waiting the arrival of G3RHR in Preston, or visiting him in Harrogate. My web site keeps me occupied these days - G3RSM