Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food Festival

It was fun today at the food and drink festival in Bolton, the Hairy Bikers were there and some other famous folk. A great atmosphere and the smells were gorgeous! We had German, Polish, French, Spanish, Turkish and many Eastern Countries with food on offer...but what about Scandanavia? In London, shops are opening called 'Totally Swedish' It would have been nice to see this represented at the food festival. We have IKEA after all!

Although I didn't drink anything is was great to have three different places to have a drink, German Beer, Cider Bar and Bank Top Brewery. I still want to have a pint of Bank Top beer!

I have to say this...Bolton and it's people is a wonderful place, but an international festival like this against backdrop of a town centre that is going down the plughole is not good. Today Bolton was vibrant, but how many buildings are empty and shops closed and derilict? Have you seen Bradshawgate? It is horrible!! Come on...lets get Bolton back on the map again like it was in the 1960's and 70's! I loved going to Bolton then on a Saturday afternoon it was always vibrant and loads of things to see and do. The Food and Drink Festival is a great idea...but what about next week? Sometimes I come home from town feeling depressed and wondering what has happened to our wonderful town. Have a look at Bury...they got it right!

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