Monday, June 20, 2011

70cms Portable Operation

Last Tuesday evening was the 70cm UK contest. So guess what I did?

After years of lying in my shack I unplugged my Yaesu FT817 and decided to go portable! All I needed now was a suitable 12 volt connector to plug into the car...surely I must have on somewhere. After scrapping around in the attic on my hands and knees I finally found one that I could use. I brought down my multi-band vertical from the attic as well. Next I connected it all up in the car and listened to the contest...

Then I thought that I would go up to Matchmoor Lane on Winter Hill and try it out up there, maybe work a few off I went!

I was amazed at how many stations that I could hear on 70cms with just the multi-band vertical!

My only disappointment was when I tried to work some stations, when I pressed the PTT the radio turned itself off...why was this? I then realised that the power adapter was originally from a mobile phone charger and possibly had overcurrent protection built in. I was right! When I came home I managed to find another adaptor with a direct connection, this one worked a treat!

Gosh...its a long time since I took some equipment out for some portable work, now I want to make some beams for portable use along with my existing HB9CV for 2m.

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