Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Daze!

The one thing that digital technology has not changed...the ice cream van!

Hot sunny days sitting in the garden sipping on an ice cold beer and listening to that AWFUL sound of ice cream vans!! When I was little the ice cream van was a lovely sight, the sound of that soft jingling told you to go and ask mum for some money. In my street, I remember two ice cream vans...Manfredi's and Mr Softee, I like Manfredi's best! But they only came around once, usually about tea time.

Nowadays we have 120dB distorted square waves sounding out all day long!! The same tune playing over and over again that can be heard over a mile away. I'm sure there must be a law that limits this noise. In my daughter's street there are a lot of children that live there...result...ice cream vans twenty times a day and sometimes two in the street...not one of them are Italian, or English....and they are all called Mr Softee! Surely in the days of digital technology there must be a better way of selling ice cream?

How about ordering on-line, or order by phone? Get rid of this awful din that drives us all mad during those Summer days!

I remember the happy days of ice cream parlours in Bolton...Sabini's Manfredi's and Tognorelli's...them were the days!

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