Sunday, June 12, 2011

Record Deck

Yesterday I had a JVC Record Deck delivered. I bought it from e-bay at just £15! Now I can listen again to my old vinyl LPs and singles. A nice deck...magnetic cartridge, anti-skate, cue lever and pretty solid metal turntable. I'm sure that people like me are now beginning to think about their 'vinyl' past. My LPs are all in plastic covers and like new...I am proud of them!

Also yesterday I received the CD I ordered 'The Old Grey Whistle Test - 40th Anniversary' It came in a cheap and nasty cardboard case and actually looked 40 years old! The songs are great, but the thing I bought has no value to me at all. I loved buying LPs, you felt like you had bought something special, great artwork, nice and big to hold and even lyrics that were big enough to read. CDs have no personal value, I have lots, but I don't have anything attached to any of them.

Today I looked through my LPs and each one had a personal memory, I even remember saving up and going to the shop to buy them!

What will the kids of today look back on? Do they have anything personal to music or are they just digital memories!

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