Monday, February 28, 2011

Digital Car Park

Digital technology gone mad!!

On the main road where I live is a community of shops, stores, library and health centre. There has always been a large car park at the front of the stores of Netto and Home Bargains. The car park is never full and is used by many to park while they go to the post office or health centre. For years there has never been any problems...
Then Netto that owns the car park, but managed by a parking company decides that they can make a bit of money here by using the digital technology.
They mount high resolution, number plate recongnition camera's and put up new signs with small print that you need a microscope to read. Oh...and they don't tell the customers!!

Result: Many people recieving fines of £80 because they have stayed longer than 1 hour...all caught, timed and photographed and automated fine sent out through number plate recognition. So people stop going to the stores and are VERY upset!

So how does it work?
Two cameras working together, one points at the entrance, the other at the exit to the car park! Oh and another can't return within 2 hours or it will get you again!

Well done Netto and the parking management company!! What good community spirit you have!
It is sooo pleasing to hear that Netto will soon shut down and be replaced by Morrisons, lets hope Morrisons have a bit more common sense and community spirit!

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