Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm an RSGB Member!

I'm now an official member of the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) again!

I first joined the RSGB in January 1969 as an associate member with my number A6412. I sent out loads of QSL cards with my number on as a Short Wave Listener. I waited patiently each month for the new copy of Radio Communication Magazine to arrive, I even got my photo in it one month.

It later changed it's name to RadCom, a brilliant magazine most of which I still have in a big box in the loft. I became a full corporate member in 1977 (I'm not sure why because I got my Amateur Radio Licence in 1971 ... maybe its because I had to be 21?)

I still have my original membership certificates!

Later in the 80's I gave up my membership because it became expensive and RadCom was going downhill.
Never went back again until now, I really miss the RSGB and RadCom, I have lost touch and need to find out what is happening. I listen every night on my Yaesu FT-817 and am getting more and more curious. The bands have become much more active with the new licensing and I have listened to loads of interesting QSOs.
Got my first copy of RadCom and am very impressed! I even got my brand new RSGB pin badge ... oh...memories!
Just one original certificate was hand drawn on parchment paper, my new one was printed on cheap card printed on a computer. Not personal at all!
Come on RSGB, at least print it on parchment paper and sign it!!

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