Monday, December 21, 2009

Got it wrong again!

What is large, yellow, very shy and hates snow?
A Bolton Council Gritter of course!
Yesterday it snowed all day long, roads awful. Never mind, the Gritters will save the day and tomorrow the main roads will be clear in time for the rush hour. Guess what? Not a Gritter to be seen on this side of town at least. I have been on the road all day and never once did I see one these rare creatures in Bolton.

This is what they said about last year:

"Last year bosses came under fire when the town was hit by heavy snow in early December, causing morning rush hour chaos.
Council chiefs said that because the snow fell in the early hours of the morning, there was insufficient traffic to break up grit which had been spread earlier in the night. "

Well this time it fell during the day so what is the excuse this time?
Went to ASDA at Radcliffe tonight (Bury Council) guess what?
I passed two Gritters happily adding salt and grit to already cleared roads in Bury!
Get into the digital world Bolton and don't tell me the snow was not expected!

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