Friday, December 25, 2009


Can't find a trace of this wonderful disco back in the early 70's in Bolton.
Located underneath the 'Palais' (now Icon) at the top of Bridge Street I remember standing across the road with Stephen Hignett deciding whether to go in or not cos we were not sure if this was a dive. In fact it was a great place with UV lights and a lovely small dance floor. A real nice atmosphere! We went there later for a Rock Night, trouble was the bouncers and DJ didn't really appreciate rock and SAG came along! We had to dress smartly to get in and most wore a tie over their usual rock gear. I must admit that I wore my velvet jacket and a tie!
A great night, 'Black Cat Bone' played live and SAG got thrown out for 'dancing'.
Whatever happened to the Nocturne?
Also the 'Va Va' which was located under Elizabeth House, all locked up now and never used again!

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