Monday, March 24, 2008

BC108 Analogue Gem

The BC108 transistor along with it's companion BC107 and BC109 became the heart and soul of project building! This general purpose silicon device (which sort of replaced the old OC71 germanium device) could be used for audio pre-amps, drivers, oscillators, multivibrators and even switches. I even used them to replace odd sounding NPN transistors in televisions, audio units and video recorders. Faulty japanese and foreign transistors that were impossible to find or expensive to order could usually be replaced by this lovely 10 pence little gem!

Later, the black plastic BC148 came along which was the printed circuit version and the BC158 which was the PNP version.
You can still buy the BC108 at Maplin and Modern Radio...
An analogue gem!

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