Saturday, April 05, 2008

BBC Computer

The BBC 'B' icon!

In 1989 I 'upgraded' my computer system to the famous BBC 'B' Computer. Before this I used my Sinclair Spectrum, which was a superb machine!

In 1989 I gave up my job in electronics to start a PGCE course at Uni, my placements involved teaching ICT to students using the BBC 'B' computer. Gosh...I remember teaching 24 hairdressing students at Salford College using BBC computers, quite an experience!!

I set up a bench in the loft with my BBC computer along with monitor, 5 1/4" disc drives and dot-matrix printer. I had a pile of computer software on floppy discs. I used this set up to complete my assignments for Uni and print them out for submission (I still have them in the loft!!) I remember once having to meet the deadline for my final assignment and spending two nights typing in my work on 'WordStar' then closed down the programme before saving my work! In those days you didn't get a message that said 'Do you want to save your work?'

I lost it and stayed up all night typing it in again!
I used my BBC to back up and repair copies of the BBC software at school, a wonderful machine, but expensive. In 1989 it would cost £350 plus disk drive and software. I bought mine for £150 including two disk drives and software.
I sold my Sinclair Spectrum and used the BBC for a while until taking the plunge and buying a new PC!

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