Friday, March 07, 2008

Reel to Reel!

This is not the exact reel to reel tape recorder that i'm talking about, but fairly close.
Back in 1967 my Dad came home with a TAPE RECORDER that he bought from my Uncle Bill. With it came a tape of Herp Alpert and Frankie Lane.
Reel to Reel Tape recorders were an absolute luxury then!
It was an Ekco reel to reel tape recorder similar to the one above with the same BSR tape deck. The button on the left you pushed up when recording and pushed the right button up at the same time. At the bottom was a 'Magic Eye' to display the recording level.
What an amazing piece of technology! Every Sunday I would record the top twenty, at first using the microphone, but later by using a lead to connect directly to the radio speaker with crocodile clips which meant you could talk while recording.
I used to listen to the top twenty every night in the kitchen and carried this heavy beast down to my friends house to listen when his Mum and Dad went out.
Later, I used the reel to reel to learn morse code with George's tapes and listen to Blaster Bates recordings that came with them!
It certainly got a lot of use by me!

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