Monday, December 31, 2007


While we are on the subject of classic groups and albums, this one is also timeless!

Its 1973 and I remember watching 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' late one night. The whole program was the group 'YES' recorded live from Earls Court (I think)
I didn't really know much about the group then, but that performance absolutely stunned me! Rick Wakeman surrounded by the most sophisticated analogue and digital equipment i've ever seen. Moog and Melotron synthesisers were state of the art then and the only other song I heard using one of these was 'Son of my father' about the same time!
'Yours is no disgrace', 'And You and I', 'Roundabout' and Rick Wakeman' s 'Six Wives of Henry the Eighth' solo was incredible at the time.
Here they are:

So what did I do next?
I saved up my money and bought the TRIPLE album 'Yessongs' This cost £8...a heck of a lot of money at the time. Again, I was at college and went out at dinner time into town, then upstairs at W.H. Smith's - which at the time was a great record shop. I had really given this some thought about buying the record, but finally made a decision to splash out. I then went back to college with my carrier bag containing my £8 triple album, I guarded it with my life!
Some of the lads at college were really into this kind of stuff, Dave Eire especially, he was dead impressed when I showed it off to the others!
When I tried listening to it at home on the headphones there was really too much to take in...where do I start?
When I met Kath, she also had 'Yes' in her collection as well, but not Yessongs!
As well as the tracks, the graphics are superb! You can only see this on the vinyl album to appreciate it!
This is one of those records that grows on you and become timeless! (but I still don't understand the lyrics!
Happy New Year!

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