Friday, December 28, 2007

Led Zeppelin

Back in the 70's two of my favourite LP's were 'Led Zeppelin II' and the one that I called 'Led Zeppelin IV'. These albums are timeless! I remember listening to 'Black Dog' and 'Rock and Roll' at a record shop on Knowsley St called 'Russells' during my tea break when I was at college. The Cafe is still around today in a basement that Kath and Jacquie often visit. I saved my money and bought it shortly after. When I met Kath she also had the same two albums in her (amazing) collection!

During dark, wet nights like tonight I enjoyed listening to Led Zeppelin sat in the corner away from the telly and next to the solid state, state of the art, audio system that I built with my headphones on! (No iPods in those days!)

Just before Christmas Led Zeppelin re-formed to do a one off concert. I bought on the day it came out 'Mothership' the latest Digitally Remastered best of Led Zeppelin...superb! Here are photos of the concert

About the same time iTunes have released the complete catalogue of LZ for download.

A visit to PC World a few weeks ago reminded me of that first encounter at 'Russells' when Led Zeppelin was playing on a PC with digital Dolby 5.1. I could hear it all over the store, but I still kept walking back and standing in front of the PC to listen to the suberb quality...trouble is...assistants kept trying to flog me a PC!

Obviously, some of the young assistants at PC World like Led Zeppelin!!

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