Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Keracolour

These sets use the DECCA 'BRADFORD' chassis.
The chassis sits on a wooden shelf at the bottom of the globe, the only thing that stops the chassis moving about are stikkle bricks!!, which are riveted to the chassis and screwed to the wooden shelf. I fixed one of these for a collectables dealer, it took me a long time as it was in a bad state. I found the set almost impossable to carry through doorways without crushing my fingers on the door posts, it was 27" wide in all directions!. The dealer sold it for £600.

I remember installing one one of these in Bromley Cross, Bolton. It weighed a ton and it's awkward shape made it difficult to carry, but the size was the biggest problem!

It would not go through the doors of the house, so we ended up taking the internal doors off it's hinges and the back panel of the TV. It was a real 'Heath Robinson' of a TV, but when it was set up in the front room it looked fantastic!

When I first saw it in the 'Trident' Showroom, it was the future, everyone would want one these. It never really happened, but what an innovation at the time!

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