Thursday, November 16, 2006

This does just as well!

In 1967 when I first became interested in Electronics I knew nothing about shops that sold components. In my first project I was working with a multivibrator circuit kit and earpiece that produced 'tones'. To change the tone I needed to change the value of one of the resistors, so I went along to the local T.V. shop who sold me a 1.2k resistor for 6p! What a rip off!

Then I found out about the shop at the bottom of Deane Rd owned by a great guy called M. Dubias with the patience of a saint! I used to love getting off the school bus and running down to the little shop on Deane Rd to buy my bits (resistors 1p) Electrolytic Capacitors...if I went in to ask for a capacitor he would say "10 microfarad...electrolyic?.... I have 8 will do just as well!" He was always right! Found out later that his name is Michael, the shop moved to Bradshawgate, right next to the bus stop so a lot of time was spent visiting his shop. Michael always had time for me, told me about any bargains he had and would explain and help solve problems when it didn't work. If I turned up with a list of components that I needed for my project he would always come up with something that would do just as well, then he would round off the price to give me a good deal, never felt 'ripped off'.

The shop closed on Bradshawgate back in the late 70's without a trace. Thanks Michael Dubias ...wherever you are!

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