Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Modern Radio

My first memories of Modern Radio bring cold, dark Saturday afternoons, long queues and the cigar smoke! Back in 1967 the shop counter was a small, crowded area with the man with the cigar (I always thought he must be rich!) and the lady with the glasses. I wanted to be served by the lady because she was always nice to me and helpful. Sometimes Diane (the daughter) would serve to help out. I always remember waiting...and waiting, men in front with handfulls of valves wanting to be tested on their renowned valve tester, long lists of components and technical sounding questions. I was about 13 at the time, somehow I didn't fit, I came with pocket money to spend, not a pro! I can still picture the cabinet on the wall on the left hand side full of valve boxes that never seemed to move.
Modern Radio was handy, my school bus stopped right across the road, so I would call in on my way home from school, sometimes just to look in the window. Compared to the shop on Deane Rd, prices were not cheap and God forbid if you had to order something which came from RadioSpares! When I built my first Topband Transmitter I needed a fairly sturdy tuning capacitor which had to be ordered, when I came the price was devastating! I really couldn't afford to buy it and had to spend about three weeks pocket money to pay for it.

Modern Radio is an institution! I can't imagine the shop ever closing. I still call in to buy my bits and I love the same atmosphere when I walk in the door. Diane runs the shop now with her daughters and you can still get those components. I pass Modern Radio a lot and still enjoy parking and spending time looking in the window.

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