Saturday, November 25, 2006


You have heard of a WebCam?

Well, back in the early 70's I did some experimenting with Amateur Television (more about this in a later post) Along came Barry (G3WIS) and offered me this small and compact NEV Camera with a 'C' Mount lens for 10 quid! I couldn't resist so I bought it. It was a super camera, 405 lines, Black and White and good definition. The camera was used to transmit true 405 line television pictures on 70cm between my friend Neil and myself. This was unheard of at the time...we were pioneers! (and analogue natives)

The camera itself had two printed circuit boards stacked one above the other. The circuit used quite old and noisy transistors, so I decided to rebuilt the camera by modifying the circuit to include BC type transistors and make new printed circuit boards from scratch. The camera actually worked, and worked well! The only problem was the connectors on the edge of the boards which became a bit intermittent.

Im have never been able to find out about the original camera from the Internet, but it was certainly a nifty little camera for it's time. I can't remember what happened to the camera, in the days of 625 lines the cam became obsolesent and disappeared forever. Maybe someone, somewhere, has one of these in a museum!

Here is classic link for the old magazines!

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