Friday, October 04, 2013

My shack in 1983

I found this old photo tonight of my shack around 1983. A lot of constructed equipment here...
My VHF / UHF Receiver  and 144Mhz transverter (which I still use) and my first SWR bridge. Above on the shelf is a nearly completed Z-Match (still use it) 432Mhz varacter tripler and power meter. On the right was my digital frequency counter which worked up to 450Mhz, my first digital project! It came second in a construction competition.

I borrowed it to someone and I can't remember who??? If you still have it will you let me have it back please!

My Yaesu FT101E of course and rotator controller. On the top shelf is a 12 volt power supply which I got cheap and added a meter. I later built a front panel and made into a variable power supply which still works well today.

The amazing thing is that I still use some of this equipment 30 years on!

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