Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tropo opening!

After all this time I still have it! I can still predict a tropo opening on 144mhz by watching the weather. High pressure over England and Europe 1024mb, warm temperature and mist and fog...all the ingredients for a good tropo opening on 144mhz, 432mhz and even 1296mhz.  I was right! Last night was quite incredible. Could here lots of stations from Europe on 144mhz, so decided to have a go with my Yaesu Ft817 with just 5 watts of rf.

A lot of the stations that could be heard were running high power, some with 700 watts and HUGE arrays of antennas. What chance would I have with my little 5 ele yagi?  Not bad really...

First I worked F6CTT in France (who I have worked before) in IN97HV, then HB9EOW in Switzerland JN37JC, followed by DK7CM/P in Germany JO40FF.
I am really pleased with flea power...a super Autumn opening!

In the past, Autumn tropo lifts were the best, usually around the first or second week in October as I recall from my old log books.
These kind of opening inspire me to do something, like more power or bigger and higher antennas. Running QRP (low power) makes everything a challenge, which I enjoy even if it does get a bit frustrating, When you get that reply back from the call and complete that QSO it is sooo satisfying!

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