Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skyscan Antenna Review

I bought one of these antennas last year originally to use as a loft antenna as a secondary one to use with my home made receiver. During Summer last year I put the mag mount antenna onto my car and went up Matchmoor Lane on Winter Hill to join in some of the Tuesday night contests.
I was amazed at the way this antenna performed! It works well on all the bands I tried which included 50Mhz, 144Mhz and even 432Mhz. It also seems fine to transmit on this antenna, even though I think it is meant for receiving when using a scanning receiver. I was quite impressed!
It is easy to use, but i'm not sure that I would use one of these for mobile operation as occasionally you need to tighten up the allen screws that hold on the vertical elements.
You can buy the discone version of this antenna instead of the mag mount.
Compact scanner and receiver antenna with coverage of 25-1300MHz.
Suitable for static mobile use and can also be used as a discreet loft or indoor antenna when mounted on a metal ground plane.
The magnetic base has a protective rubber cover and the Skyscan Mk2 is supplied with approx 4m of cable and with a BNC plug fitted.The quad whip design gives improved reception over standard single whip receive aerials.

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