Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My House

An aerial photo of my house when it was being built in 1962! You can see me house where the pen points.

Gosh! It is 35 years ago today since we moved into our house! It was a cold night on 7th February 1977 when I got the keys to the house. This was two months before Kathleen and I got married. Of course my first job was to establish a radio shack in the box room that I still use now and shortly after move my aerials from my family house onto our chimney. My house is in a good location for radio communication. Right at the top of a hill about 114 metres ASL with a clear take off to the South, West and East.

I remember that the house was draughty and had no central heating at the time, wooden windows and in February it was freezing!

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