Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Gosh...and I thought choosing an Android mobile phone was difficult...what about choosing a lightbulb?

I remember the time when you went to the local ironmongers to buy a lightbulb and had a very simple decision.... Pearl or Clear? 60watt or 100watt? ....simple eh?

OMG...what happens now if you need a lightbulb....a nightmare! Have you been to B&Q or Homebase and seen the number of lightbulbs now? Oh....and they are now withdrawing the 'normal' lightbulbs because they are destroying the planet! So now you have to decide whether to go green and buy 'energy saving' bulbs which vary from 10p each to £10 each. Why there is such a difference in price is beyond my comprehension. Halogen spot lamps don't last 5 minutes let alone 5 years regardless of the price and buy a super light array from NEXT will leave you changing bulbs everyday for a living! I am now considereing replacing my multi halogen spotlight arrays with a simple one bulb energy efficient light bulb....simple? Not really...what about the base? Bayonet, large Eddison screw, small Eddison screw, push-in...the choices are without limits!

Did I mention LED lightbulbs? ....the future?

Did you know that CFL's (Compact Fluorecent Lamps) contain Mercury Vapour...not good for the environment eh!

What was wrong with the simple lightbulb? Lights your house and warms the room as well!

Mr Eddison you would turn in your grave if you could see what you have done!

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David Davis said...

You should see the (probably very expensive, but less so by the million) switch-mode power supply in the base of every CFL bulb. I disassembled one and showed it to my students, who were gobsmacked! If you think about it, how else can they turn 230v RmS into a HF low-mark-to-space-ratio pulse train at about 50-100KHz? LOL.