Friday, June 05, 2009

Elegant 7

The Elegant 7 is an example of a "kit" radio from 1967
It had a "room filling" 350mw output!
Powered by the 9v PP9 it was also available for use as a car radio and had an optional power supply .
It was a 7 transistor superhet design.

Christmas 1967 and I wanted a transistor radio kit to build for my Christmas present. I wanted the 'Elegant 7' a lovely looking radio and had seen it advertised as a kit in Practical Wireless.

It used a printed circuit board and was quite complex to build and also very expensive, so I decided against it. My Uncle Bill had built one of these and worked perfectly! Instead, my Dad ordered me the 'Roamer 7' transistor radio which was a bit easier to build and used tagstrips instead of a printed circuit.

The 'Elegant 7' was a wonderful radio kit back in 60's!


GM8OTI said...

I have one of these - I built it for my grandmother when I was learning about radio. I had no test equipment then and alignment proved impossible - it had to be sent back to the supplier to get the superhet aligned!

Paul Gallant said...

I was a young PO (BT) Engineer and I built the original version, took it to work and many workmates built them. My Aunty wanted one for her shop and I built one for her, also for her employees and customers and then got fed up as it took up too much of my time. Before I stopped I was building the Mk.2. Didn't really have any problems setting up but had to help one of my Pals who'd made a mistake.