Friday, June 12, 2009

Devil's Lantern!

Here is another photo of my old English Teachers - Mr Hanley (left) and Mr Worthington (Right) on the road to stratford - on - Avon.

Mr Hanley was a bit of an extrovert, really into Shakespeare and stuff and our lessons were a bit unusual! This guy caught Me, Dorothy Collier and Christine Hilton playing a game of 'Stretch' with a compass! We were summoned to the staff room (from the window) and told to write an essay with the title 'Those who live by the sword, die by the sword!'

Now Mr Worthington was different, had strong opinions about technology and called Television the 'Goggle Box' or 'Devil's Lantern'. I remember a lesson where we discussed the use of computers in society (at that time back in 69 computers were BIG) he predicted that one day computers would fit in a matchbox and everyone would be using them.

How right he was!!

I also remember writing a story that really impressed him and he read it out to everyone in class. That year I scored 58% in my English GCE Mock Test (a pass!) Then, guess what...I was moved into the CSE class with Mr Hanley only to fail and then take and pass my GCE twenty years later!

Now I teach Literacy!

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