Thursday, April 02, 2009


Here is our local ECO friendly WINDFARM. Photo taken from the Pack Horse Pub at Affetside.
I can see the tops of these 'windmills' from my window, so I went for a ride to find out where they are. Although they look quite close from my window, they are in fact on the hills on the other side of Ramsbottom and Haslingdon. I would love to see one of these close up...they must be enormous!
I still don't understand how the power generated from these windfarms link into the National Grid. Do they generate high voltages and low current or low voltage and high current?
Must be linked underground...but where too? (Unless of course they have a wireless link!!)
Sometimes I wonder if they are really windmills grinding wheat to make flour for our bread at Warburtons!
Maybe all these structures have weatherproof 13A sockets on the side for Radio Amateurs and Caravaners to plug into...i'm sure they have these windmills on Rooley Moor...great for VHF NFD!

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