Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Had a great lesson today with my kids at school about advertisments and slogans. I asked them to come up with a slogan for advertising a product and the word 'groovy' kept appearing.
"What does the word GROOVY mean" I asked ... blank faces ...
I then talked about the 60's and how the word GROOVY was a buzz word back in the 60's. "But where does this word come from?" I asked. Nine year olds have probably never seen or heard of a record player or a vinyl record! The amazing thing was that they thought a record player was really a CD player. I tried to explain how record players worked with a 'needle' and you put it onto the record and music would come out of the speaker. The record had GROOVES and the needle followed the GROOVES to produce the sound ...
Hence the term FEELING GROOVY... it's about listening to music and feeling good!!

How did WE cope with this kind of analogue technology?

How would the children of today cope with it .... NOT!!

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