Sunday, September 30, 2007

Radio 1 launch today in 1967!

September 30th 1967, Tony Blackburn presents the first ever show on Radio 1!

The 'Summer of Love' lasted all the way through the six weeks holiday when I was 13 years old. I can still remember the words of classic flower power records and Monkees singles! Going back to school still left me on a high listening to music at night on Radio Luxemburg and weekends on the Light Programme. Radio 1 was the BBC's answer to the Pirate Stations (which had been closed down by the BBC), Radio Caroline was my favourite!
Today 40 years ago Radio 1 was launched at 7.00am by Tony Blackburn, it was a Saturday so I missed the first half hour but woke up in time to listen to the rest of the programme on our transistor radio! From then on I would get up at 7.00am before school go downstairs, light the gas fire and switch on the GEC Transistor Radio (with it's PP9 battery) and listen to Tony Blackburn while reading my comics until ten to eight when I set off for school.
It was brilliant...pop music every morning with all my favourite songs before school!
The first record played by Tony Blackburn was 'Flowers in the Rain' by The Move.
Memories of Radio 1

Morning fry-ups (egg dips!)
The 7.30 news and a great record to follow
Reading Dandy and Beano comics while listening to Radio 1
Sitting next to the gas fire on a cold morning listening to Tony Blackburn (we didn't have central heating then!)
Waiting for White Plains 'My Baby Loves Loving' so that I could listen in my shack LOUD!
The GEC Transistor Radio sitting on top the 'stove' in the corner.

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