Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Digital Dalek!

It's not often you see one of these while out shopping birthday!

This close encounter ocurred in Bury town centre, a real life Dalek trundling it's way through the shoppers. My Granddaughter Melissa was absolutely stunned when it came up to us and spoke! As I took some pictures with my mobile phone it came right up to my face and said

"Is this close enough for you!!!"

in a Dalek voice.

The Dr Who Police Box was there as well...Brill!

This was to promote the Dr Who Exhibition at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. I went last week with 60 kids...they loved it!

Back in 1963 I remember the very first episode of Dr Who, I was at a party at my cousin's house in View St, Bolton and about 8 years old. As I watched it on black and white TV it scared me to death...I even hid behind the couch! When the Daleks arrived later in the series I watched it on TV again shaking like a leaf, but assured that they were not real!

I remember watching the first ever episode of Fireball XL5 in 1962 ...that scared me as well! Steve Zodiac was great, I fell in love with Venus though even if I was only 8 years old! Just found out that her voice was Silvia Anderson... I did'nt know that!

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