Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baofeng UV5R Cable - it works!

Baofeng Programming Cable for BAOFENG UV-5R/5RA/5R Plus/5RE, UV3R Plus, BF-888S (Newest Version, Support WIN7,64 Bit)

on Amazon - It works!

The Baofeng UV5R is a wonderful little handheld, I have had it now for a couple of years, but have not really got the hang of programming it!
I have bought two different programming cables and neither of them worked, the computer didn't even recognise them. I spent many an hour trying different drivers and trying to get the beast going using CHIRP, but to no avail. I gave up!

When the cable and other items arrived - very quickly and delivered on a Sunday afternoon.
I cautiously connected the cable to the computer with Windows 7 expecting the usual 'Cannot recognise' message...but it didn' simply loaded the existing driver and said that it was ready for use. Next, I connected the Baofeng and started CHIRP to clone the radio...IT WORKED! last I could program the radio with my computer. I then set about programming some channels into the memory. This is fine, but there is a problem with repeaters.
It seems that when you program the channels for repeaters the frequency shift for transmit / receive will not program on the Baofeng. You have to do it manually...what a pain!

Still, I now have a Baofeng UV5R that will program, I put in the repeaters manually after watching a tutorial on YouTube. Now I have a complete set of local repeaters programmed into the UV5R at last.

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