Saturday, March 24, 2012

TV Times

This is so true!
In 1990 we had five channels and a huge we have hundreds of channels a tv that you can carry under your arm!
Maybe it is time to curb all the crazy digital channels available now. I can't believe how many times I try to find a channel that has someting watchable on it. So much rubbish and OMG! how many commercials do we have to watch. I must admit that I simply don't watch television unless it has a good programme or film that I want to watch without the commercials!
When will it end!
Now, how about this...
Today my daughter had Sky installed in her house. She so pleased to have it at last! Fantastic efficiency from Sky, all documents arrived, engineer rang to confirm times, fully installed and working fine!
Then, the same day at teatime she gets a knock at the's the Television Licencing Officer. "Your TV licence ran out 2 weeks ago" said the man. Then under caution proceeds to 'book' her for not having a licence. "I only had Sky fitted today" says my daughter. "Can you prove it?" he says while writing down what channel she is watching at the moment and whether he can see a digibox anywhere.
How crazy is this?
No gentle reminder, no letter through the post, no phone call or text message, but a 'baliff' at the door just 6 hours after having Sky installed. This is obviously because Sky informed the Television Licencing prior to installing and the Licencing Department seeing an opportunity to jump on a 'licence dodger' My daugher always pays her licence monthly and was up to date, but March was the end of the licencing year and they had not reminded her to renew her Direct Debit.
Technological efficiency at it's gutter level!
Why don't they go back to the old analogue days and find the real 'licence dodgers' with help from their 'TV Detector Vans'. It don't work with digital anyway!

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